Brian Goldberg
Worldwide Production Agency

Sunnyside NBC
2019 Season Executive Producers Matt Murray, Mike Schur and David Minor

The Kids Are Alright ABC
2018-2019 Season Executive Producers Tim Doyle and Randall Einhorn

Living Biblically CBS
2018 Season Executive Producers Patrick Walsh and Johnny Galecki

Angel From Hell CBS
2016 Season Executive Producer Tadd Quill

Hello Ladies HBO
2013-14 Seasons Executive Producers Stephen Merchant, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupinsky

Trophy Wife ABC Studios, ABC
2013-14 Seasons Executive Producers Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins

Last Man Standing 20th Century Fox, ABC
2012-13 Season Executive Producer Tim Doyle

Bent NBC, Universal Television
2011 Season Executive Producer Tad Quill

Workaholics Avalon TV, Comedy Central
2010 Season Executive Producer Kevin Etten

Friends with Benefits NBC, 20th Century Fox
2010 Season Executive Producer Ira Ungerleider

Samantha Who? ABC Studios, ABC
2008-09 Seasons Executive Producer Don Todd

Gary Unmarried ABC Studios, CBS
2008-10 Seasons Executive Producer Ed Yeager

Big Day Sony Television, ABC
2006 Season Executive Producer Yuspa-Goldsmith

Crumbs ABC
2005-06 Seasons Executive Producer Marco Pennette

Less Than Perfect ABC
2002-05 Seasons Executive Producers Nina Wass, Gene Stein

Listen Up Regency Television, CBS
2004-05 Seasons Executive Producers Lindy DeKoven, Jeff Martin

Married to the Kelly’s ABC
2003-04 Seasons Executive Producers Tom Hertz, Brad Grey

Spin City DreamWorks, ABC
2000-02 Seasons Executive Producer Gary David Goldberg

The O’Keefe’s WB
2002-03 Seasons Executive Producer Mark O’Keefe–Turner

Battery Park DreamWorks, NBC
1999-00 Seasons Executive Producer Gary David Goldberg

Zoe Duncan Jack and Jane WB
1998-99 Seasons Executive Producers Dan and Sue Paige

Gumshoe HBO Max
Executive Producers – Aaron Brownstein, Simon Ganz and Randall Einhorn

Raised By Wolves Berlanti. ABC
Executive Producer Diablo Cody

Pulling ABC Studios, ABC
Executive Producers Lee Eisenberg & Gene Stupnitsky

Untitled Tad Quill CBS Studio, CBS
Executive Producer Tad Quill

Untitled Dan Goor Universal, NBC
Executive Producers Berman Braun, Dan Goor

Untitled Filgo’s WBTV, NBC
Executive Producers Jeff & Jackie Filgo

Outnumbered 20th, Fox
Executive Producers Barb Wallace, Tom Wolfe

Awkward Situations for Men WB, ABC
Executive Producers Jeff & Jackie Filgo

Rules of Engagement Sony Television, CBS
Executive Producer Tom Hertz

Cracking Up 20th, FOX
Executive Producers Mike White, Brad Grey

Watching Ellie Carsy Werner Productions, NBC
Executive Producer Brad Hall

Wednesdays 9:30p.m. Touchstone, ABC
Executive Producer Peter Tolan

Deeply Irresponsible 20th, FOX
Executive Producer Victor Fresco

Nolan Knows Best Warner Brothers, ABC
Executive Producer Dana Gould

Canned ABC Studios, ABC
Executive Producers Kevin Etten, Peter Traugott

The Return of Jezebel James FOX
Executive Producer Amy Sherman-Palladino

Union Jackass 20th, Fox
Executive Producer Dan O’Keefe

Alpha Mom Universal Television, NBC
Executive Producer Kerry Ehrin

Cooked Sony Pictures Television
Executive Producer Jay Kogen

Playdates Warner Brothers
Executive Producers Paul Kaplan & Mark Torgrove

Taste Regency Television, CBS
Executive Producer Kirk Rudell

The Amazing Westermans CBS
Executive Producers Jay Scherick, David Ron

The Snobs 20th, Fox
Executive Producers David Isaacs, Ken Levine

The Mitch Rouse Project ABC
Executive Producers Nina Wass, Gene Stein

BS 20th Television, CBS
Executive Producer Jeffery Klarik

The Peter Principle Warner Brothers
Executive Producer John Riggi

Lucky Us 20th, FOX
Executive Producers Neal Moritz, Dawn Parouse

The Next Big Thing Big Ticket, CBS
Executive Producer Brad Hall

You’re The One Castlerock Television, WB
Executive Producer Julia Newton